1.0 -1.5 page Business Memo

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Hi, this assignment is a business memo about the company Garmin. Syllabus is : You must submit your writeup for the assigned case questions to get full credit in this area (1.5 pages max, 12pt font / not including tables or references) Memo format. Thoughtful, substantive responses will receive higher grades.

I will provide a sample business memo and clear writing instructions


Garmin Memo

Compile a written response (in memo format 1.0 – 1.5 pages long) for the Garmin 2019 case whilst answering the following questions.

1. How did Garmin “out perform” its competitors between circa 2008 & 2018 ? (Use the strategic tools we covered in class to help you uncover and/or describe the key elements that contributed to their success)

2. Describe which other elements of their strategy they “could have been done better” between circa 2008 & 2018

3. State your recommendations (with some supporting logic) for what Garmin “should do next” to maintain their competitive advantage in 2020 & beyond.


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