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2.28 (Diameter, Circumference and Area of a Circle) Write an application that inputs from the user the radius of a circle as an integer and prints the circle’s diameter, circumference and area using the floating-point value 3.14159 for π. Use the following formulas (r is the radius): diameter = 2r circumference = 2πr area = πr2. Do not store the results of each calculation in a variable. Rather, specify each calculation as the value that will be output in a System.out.printf statement.

Instructions: Fill out your name under programmer name, the date and time you started the assignment,
the date and time you completed the assignment, total hours you dedicated to the assignment (should be
a minimum of 1 1/2 hours for a good quality, well done assignment – rules of academic honesty apply for
this), and any constructive comments you have about the assignment (could be things you liked about the
assignment; or if you had the opportunity to do the assignment all over again, what would you do

Programmer Name:
Assignment Start:
Assignment Completion:
Total Hours for Assignment:

Riverside Community College

Programming with Java Lab

Course: CSC/CIS 18A Fall 2023

Instructor: John Blyzka Email: [email protected]

Program One

(10 points)

Sunday, 9/3 at 11:59 pm.


1. To learn how to implement .java & .class


1. Chapters 1, 2 in your book.

2. Websites: rccd.instructure.com, Java API’s at docs.oracle.com.

Software Required

1. Java SE JDK

2. Win Zip (any version will do)

3. Some type of editor (Netbeans, Eclipse, Notepad)


1. Complete

Diameters, Circumference, and Area of a Circle
exercise 2.28 in the book.

2. Please output the following to the console window and the end of your program.

Thank you for using the DCA of a Circle application.

Time of calculation is <current date and time>

3. “ZIP” the entire program (the__.java file, and the ___.class). Please name the ZIP file

4. Lastly, upload your program1.zip file to Canvas for grading.


Include the last instruction to stop the program. Be sure to add the following line:


All Classes are to be properly commented with your full name as author. See the
ProgrammerDocumentationFile.txt requirements.


1. Electronic:
Your zip-file must be submitted to Canvas before the due date and time.

CIS/CSC18A Program 1 1


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