1 page essay. Social problems.

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For this assignment, you will select discriminatory issues within a program or policy, analyze that program or policy, explain strategies to address the issues, and recommend improvements. Keeping in mind that policy change does not happen in a vacuum.This assignment should simulate preparation for political advocacy, such as: testimony in front of a committee, or a meeting with a legislator or their staff. Most likely, your time would be limited to 10-15 minutes. Your one page paper is on a policy or its related program. Ideally, it would be federal since those have the most literature. If you opt for a state policy, please, get prior approval from your instructor. Also, note: Do NOT confuse a policy or its related program with an agency or local organization. They are different things. The agency or local organization is the entity that implements that policy or its related program. This assignment has multiple components.

1. what is the social problem with the american federal policy on housing discrimination against minorities? Describe the social problem that the policy or program addresses

2. Provide brief history of how this policy developed to address the social problem

3. Present the 3 criteria that are used in policy analysis

4.What are the explicit and implicit goals and objectives of the policy or program?

6. Use the 3 criteria to assess the benefits.

7. What are the qualifications for individual to receive benefits through this policy or program?8. discuss if these eligibility criteria create discriminatory practices: oppression, alienation or discrimination.

9. What type of administration is used? And, analyzed them using the 3 criteria.

14. provide a conclusion

1page, 12 font, times new roman, double space, with 3 minimum references.


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