2 case study

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Case study 1

Christy, Juan, Mike, and Susan get together in Christy’s apartment one evening to eat pizza and strategize. They’re going to compete in the competition to come up with a strategy for combatting misinformation in Riverbend City.

“We’ll win the prize,” Christy says. “Our idea will work. Riverbend City can get back to normal.”

“I hope so,” Susan says. “The prize money could get my son through school and maybe pay for my college.”

“Did you see this?” Juan flips his phone around. “The news is reporting that Solutions, Inc. has almost found a solution and is sure to win the money.”

“We can’t beat them,” Christy says, slumping in her chair. “They’ve got all the money they need. And money means everything.”

“Money’s not the only thing that’s important,” Mike says.

“We need to prove our idea is better,” Juan says. “Let’s run an experiment and show that it works.”


If you have participated in research as a participant, a researcher, or other experience, please share the following:

o What was the research about?

o What role did you play?

o Describe what you learned?

o Explain why this research is important to society.

Case study 2

Bruce is a middle-aged man who lives in Riverbend City, a mid-sized city in the Midwest. His daughter, Shayna lives with him while she goes to school and works a part-time job.

One morning, Bruce goes to the mailbox with his cup of coffee in hand. After opening his mail box and seeing that it’s full, he puts his coffee cup on top of the mailbox to use both hands to pull everything out. He closes the mailbox and turns right to walk down the street. A few minutes later, Shayna starts calling his name. She finds his coffee cup on the mailbox but sees no other trace of him. She freezes, looking up and down the street, unable to decide what to do next.


Briefly describe (using no more than 75 words) a classic cognitive psychology experiment and how it is currently relevant. Include a link to a video, website or article the talks about the experiment. Feel free to use a hashtag, such as the name of the experiment.


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