2 page paper – 1 page opinion and 1 page examples from article

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1. Students are to write a (full) 2 page paper discussing the

article “Faking It: Sex, Lies and Women’s Magazines”.

2. The first page should include a discussion regarding your

opinions and thoughts on the article you read. Be specific and

use examples from what you read when responding.

3. The second page should include examples in


Women’s magazines of the problems revealed and discussed

by the various editors and writers interviewed in the article.

For example: look for examples that have the small print that

says “names have been changed” in the articles you are reading.

Look for


claims regarding sex and it’s

impact/benefit on health and beauty. Look for quotes from “real

women” that don’t sound like how a real person might speak

about sex.

Make sure to tell me the magazine you found the article in. The

issue you are using, the name of the column or article and its

author. Give me

specific details

when describing the article(s)

you are discussing.

The assignment must:

Be typed

Double spaced

12 point font

New Times Roman

Use proper spelling and grammar

Use proper essay/paper format (introduction, body, conclusion)

I am not looking for a list on the second page…please keep your

writing in formal essay format.


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