2 responses Unit 1.2 DB: Case Study

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1)  believe that Dr. Martinson made the correct professional steps in addressing this issue with his client Sara. Its obvious that Dr. Martinson is a sympathetic, concerned professional who wants to do right by his client. The decision Dr. Martinson made by not going to his accused colleague and going directly to the Department of Social Services to report the child abuse and also to the state licensure board for professional counselors to report the alleged sexual activity between the former counselor, the client, and her son was the right choice to make. If Dr. Martinson addressed the situation directly to the accused counselor by himself this could of caused many other issues plus could also be violating the professional code of ethics. This is a professional way of lodging complaint and Dr. Martinson did exactly that, not confronting directly with the counselor. Now the Department of Social Services and the state licensure board for professional counselors will better handle the case. If I was in this position of Dr. Martinson, I would have done the same. I probably would have gone a step further by making a report with the police as well. 

2) As a mandated reporter, Dr. Martinson was justified in his course of action. Due to the nature of the allegations, it is important to report the conduct of his colleague, and follow the Code of Ethics set in place. If Dr. Martinson had not followed the Code of Ethics, the legal ramification for his self, and the company would be in jeopardy, all trust of therapist within this organization who be questioned or lost. By calling the Department of Human Services, along with the State License Board for counselors, Dr. Martinson protected the well being of the client, and possibly other children etcetera from abuse. This shows that Dr. Martinson care for his clients, and upholds the integrity of his Code of Ethics. The colleague in question, violated his clients personal boundaries, sexually abused a child, and broke the Code of Ethics, both legally and personally. 


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