java problem 1 programming

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prioritizing threats executive

Write a 2- to 3-page executive summary to share with the executive staff about your recommendations, challenges, and explanations. Include the following in your summary:

  • A chart detailing 8 challenges and their impact (40-points)
  • Your top 5 prioritized categories with a rationale for the prioritization (40-points)
  • At least two references supporting your top 5 recommendations (40 points)

Note: This executive summary will also be used in the Week 3 Assignment.

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the private sector the public sector or the critical infrastructure

Do a case analysis of any one of the cases presented in Chapter 6 in the textbook (Chapple et. al.), pages 128 to 131. Make certain that your report covers all the major elements of the case. You should indicate clearly which case you have analyzed, the Private Sector, the Public Sector or the Critical Infrastructure.

Make sure to follow APA style. Please make sure your submission is 2 – 3 pages in length and meet the minimum APA formatting guidelines:

• 12-pt, Times New Roman font
• Double-spaced
• 1” margins on all sides
• Please provide a title page including your Name, Course Number, Date of Submission, and Assignment name.
• Paraphrasing of content – Demonstrate that you understand the case by summarizing the case in your own words. Direct quotes should be used minimally.
• Reference Section (A separate page is recommended.) Please cite the source using APA formatting guidelines. If you need guidance or a refresher on this, please visit:… (link is external) Be sure to include at least three reference sources.
• In-text citations – If you need additional guidance, please visit:… (link is external)

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short paper about ww2 and realism theory

Explain which states are involved, if there are any non-state actors, international governmental organizations or non-governmental organizations involved in WW2. Also, identify a few of the key individuals involved, and then explain the whole event using realism theory (define realism theory).

*5 paragraphs

* Put quotation marks around material copied word-for-word from another source and to cite the source. Also, be sure to cite paraphrased information.

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sticky social media only has to be 2 paragraphs

1) Provide two paragraphs and describe the campaign of Always: #LikeAGirl. Specifically focus on what makes the campaign “sticky” (Sticky: This is content that is developed in order to gain the users’ attention and increase the possibility that he or she will share the content with others) by discussing the following four features: Storytelling, Social Currency, Influencers, Shareability.

Always and #LikeAGirl

Always has a way of sending its message across loud and clear. And with #LikeAGirl they decided to do just that, while also empowering young girls around the world.

Done in 2014, Always started a hashtag campaign #LikeAGirl promoting the fact that women and girls should not be influenced by society’s expectations. Started with a video on YouTube, the campaign told the story of young girls who were breaking the mold of what is “girl”-ish and what is not. The video initially starts with people who are expressing the common expectations of what is to “throw like a girl,” “run like a girl,” and so on. Then the video goes in to show what real young girls think of these phrases and that “like a girl” shouldn’t be a phrase used to symbolise weakness, but instead strength.


The campaign was highly successful and while it is difficult to see this ad for the empowering message it is through the lense of our 2018 politically segregated and divided society, it definitely shows that our core we should all be #LikeAGirl – treating everyone equally and doing our best to succeed.

Check it out here:

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models of government and business

Post an initial response of 500 words (maximum) to the discussion board that addresses the following questions:

  • Which of these models most reflects the current state of relations between government and business in the US today? Why?
  • Which of these models do you believe is the preferred model, or the model that should be adopted in the US? Why?


Government and Business:
American Political Economy in Comparative Perspective

Chapter 1, “Origins of Government and Business” (pp. 3–26)

Chapter 2, “Creating Government-Business Relations” (pp. 27–45)

Lehne, R. (2013).

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abuse of children s rights throughout the world

After reading the relevant articles for the week, provide some solutions to frequent exploitation and abuses of children’s rights across the world.


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describe the role of jubal early in the american civil war

Give a quick backgrounder on his early life. Then discuss his role in the Civil War. Cite references as well.

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provide your answers in the second tab of the spreadsheet making sure to include calculations and explanations where appropriate

First, read the following case on the Student Housing Decision.

Finally, complete the following assignment.

Villanueva received the analysis of the student housing decision (as evidenced in the videos above). However, the file became corrupted and now most of the data has vanished along with applicable formulas and calculations. Villanueva asks that you conduct a brief analysis using the spreadsheet below. Provide your answers in the second tab of the spreadsheet, making sure to include calculations and explanations where appropriate.

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this assignment will require you to think about gender sexuality and social institutions you will apply a social theory to discuss how sexism and heterosexism are embedded in social institutions you will evaluate how inequality is created and maintain

This assignment, Project 3, addresses course outcomes 3 and 6. This assignment will require you to think about gender, sexuality and social institutions. You will apply a social theory to discuss how sexism and heterosexism are embedded in social institutions. You will evaluate how inequality is created and maintained by social institutions. You will be asked to think carefully about current policies in place to prevent discrimination and bias against women and against members of marginalized sexual and gender orientations. You will be asked to make suggestions on how these policies could be improved.

For this activity, you will identify one area where sexism or heterosexism is evident in one of the social institutions. You will find a current event article from a local, national or international news source that details an institutional act of sexism or heterosexism. This might include laws that allow women or the LGBTQA community to be treated unfairly, reports on differences in pay or hiring practices, publicized violations of Title IX, or any other act that appears biased that is committed by an institution. For example, several years ago, the Boy Scouts of America (an institutionalized group) came under fire for refusing to allow gay men to serve as troop leaders. This is an example of heterosexist bias. Recently, the Pope made a statement that women were allowed to nurse their infants in any Catholic church during Mass due to some parishes banning public nursing. Banning public nursing is an act of gender bias. Be sure that you are discussing an institutional act and not an individual act of bias. You will describe the event that you have chosen. You will then apply key sociological concepts and theories to your discussion of this event. You will apply a social theory to explain why this institutional practice exists. The theory you pick will be the one that best fits your world view (structural functionalism, Conflict, Symbolic Interaction, Feminist or Queer Theory). You will discuss the positive (social stability) and negative (social dysfunction) consequences of this practice. Your discussion will focus on the structure of society and not on the individual. You will support your arguments with appropriate outside sources as needed.

Before beginning this project, please be sure you have thoroughly read and reviewed all of the content in modules 4 and 5. Pay special attention to the terms and concepts from your reading material that help you understand the way that sociologists look at and make sense of gender and institutional development in society.

Next, select a current event from a local or national news source that discusses a sexist or heterosexist act.

Then, please write a 1000 word essay (at least 2 to 3 pages of double-spaced, 12-point font of text) addressing the following question prompts. A references list should make up an additional page.

  1. Briefly summarize the article that you have selected. Provide the specifics of the act and which social institution is engaged in the act.
  2. Provide a theoretical explanation for why the act occurred. This must be a structural explanation that focuses on the institution. Use the theory that best fits your understanding of the act.
  3. Discuss how this act was managed. For example, if it was illegal, what were the legal sanctions against the institution? If not illegal, what was the public response?
  4. Suggest policy changes that would prevent future occurrences of this act.

Your essay will be evaluated in terms of how thoroughly you: answer the questions above; use resources to document your main points; and properly cite referenced work. Your essay should address all of the questions above and should consist of 500-750 words (at least 2 to 3 pages of double-spaced, 12-point font of text). Citations and a references list will likely make up an additional page.

To successfully complete Project 3, you will need to organize your responses to the questions and then craft a formatted essay that includes each of the following:

  1. A title page;
  2. Well-developed introductory paragraph explaining the purpose of the essay and briefly referencing some of the main points/contentions offered in the essay;
  3. The body of the essay should consist of your effort to best answer the primary questions from the assignment prompt and should consist of 1000 words (at least 2 to 3 pages of double-spaced, 12-point font of text). Though the method by which this is done is largely up to you, it is essential that the responses to the questions in the prompt be based upon scholarly readings and should remain at all times defensible (in an academic sense). You have a great deal of information to draw from in creating your essay, including the assigned readings and hyperlinked sources in the module notes. As is the case with every assignment in SOC101, presenting any unsubstantiated, illogical, or indefensible position will have an adverse effect on the final grade. Please direct any questions regarding these expectations to the instructor;
  4. A concise concluding paragraph that briefly restates both the purpose of the essay as well as some of the primary argument offered by you, the essay’s author. Be sure the concluding paragraph does not introduce new information;
  5. A list of all sources consulted the preparation of the essay. The essay should be formatted according to APA-style documentation (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. This includes the format of the list of references.

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