biology chapter questions w4

Question 1

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macroeconomic 3 2814057 2

I have this macroeconomic question that I have to answer it in two pages.


The government of Yemen collapsed recently.  Yemen has a troubled history of civil war, religious strife, and Marxist revolution.  Yemen’s essential macroeconomic position in 2013 may be described by these values of the standard variables provided below.


A)        Is Yemen a wealthy nation or a poor nation?  Explain.  

B)        What are the key elements in the natural resource endowment and in the social-political-economic C)  institutions which explain the macroeconomic position of Yemen and of the performance of Yemen’s macroeconomy?  


GDP per capita = $2,500     – – – ranked 187th highest in world (out of total of 228 nations ranked)

(unchanged from 2012 and 2011)


real GDP growth rate = +3.8%    – – – ranked 86th highest in world (out of 221 nations)

(up from +0.1% in 2012)


Unemployment Rate = 35% last estimated in 2003    – – – ranked 188th highest in world (out of 203 nations)


Inflation Rate = +11.8%        – – – ranked 213th highest in world (out of 223 nations)

(up from +9.9% in 2012)


Government Budget Deficit = -10.3% of GDP          – – – ranked 206th highest in the world (out of  216 nations)


Public Debt = 47.1% of GDP    – – – ranked 73rd highest in world (out of 161 nations)

(up from 45.4% in 2012)


Exports = $6.69 b.        – – – ranked 105th largest in world (out of 223 nations)

(down from $7.6 b. in 2012)


Imports = $10.97 b.        – – – ranked 96th largest in world (out of 222 nations)

(down from $12.49 b. in 2012)




worldwide median values in 2013:

GDP per capita = $10,800 (114th position: Azerbaijan)

real GDP growth rate =  +3.10% (111th position: Algeria)

Unemployment Rate = 9.5% (103rd position: Morocco)

Inflation Rate = 2.9% (111st position: Peru)

Government Budget Deficit = -2.6% of GDP (109th position: Uruguay)

Public Debt = 45.8% (80th position: Argentina)

Exports = $5.69 b. (111st position: Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Imports = $7.39 b. (112th position: Botswana)

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urgent help spanish ii please

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Quick 2 paragraph answer

A pressurized container holding a flammable and combustible material with fire impinging upon the container poses a significant danger of becoming a BLEVE. Discuss the evolution of BLEVE and the dangers posed to both emergency response personnel and civilians. Include discussion of what measures should be taken to limit losses of life and property associated to a BLEVE.
Look up BLEVE via goggle due today buy 1:00 PM EST

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hillwood medical center kbtz

Read “An Organizational Behavior Moment” on page 520 at the end of Chapter 13 and on page 560 at the end of Chapter 14. Choose one of the two “Moments” and present your answer to the “Discussion Questions” at the end in a discussion posting, clearly identifying the topic chosen in the subject of the posting.

Support your opinions by referencing sources such as the textbook or internet research.

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accounting 140

this is due wendsday… 

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lasa 2 ethnographic comparison 0

LASA 2: Ethnographic Comparison

Anthropologists are interested in framing broad hypotheses about human behavior. In order to do this, it is imperative to use examples from multiple cultures to ensure that their conclusions are not grounded in a single case.


In this assignment, you will be taking on the role of an ethnologist, using multiple ethnographic accounts to study human behavior and culture.


Do the following:


  • Identify two to three societies to compare such as African, Indian, Chinese, Korean, or Native American. Please note that these are suggested societies; you may choose something not on this list. 
  • Choose one aspect of human culture discussed in the course:
    • Domestic life and kinship
    • Subsistence and economy
    • Religion
    • Culture change


Using the module readings, Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, write a research paper to include the following:


  • Describe the background information of each of the societies you have chosen. You need not analyze this background information, only provide details regarding these societies.
  • Analyze the aspect of human culture you selected for each of the societies.
  • Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the societies in relation to the topic you chose—for example, standard of living, education, or employment opportunities.
  • Summarize and address human behavior in relation to your topic and based on your examples.
    • Address the realities of life for the cultures you have examined.
    • Examine some of the social problems and public policy issues that become apparent.


Your paper should have a title page as well as an introduction section. This introduction section should include the societies you selected as well as the human culture aspect you will be discussing and why it is relevant to anthropology. As an anthropologist, use relevant anthropological terms in your analysis.


Support your statements with examples and scholarly references.


Write a 4–6-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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Audit Assignment #7a



Write a 4 page essay that answers the questions, found attached below.


Now address the following:


Keystone Computers & Networks, Inc. (KCN), (click attachment labeled #2 for a review) has 933 accounts receivable, with a total book value of $10,235,457. From that population, Adams, Barnes & Co. (ABC), CPAs, selected a sample of 260 accounts (142 unique accounts) for confirmation for the year ended December 31, 20X5, as illustrated by the working paper, available below labeled #3. First and second confirmation requests resulted in replies for all but 10 of those accounts. ABC performed alternative procedures on those 10 accounts and noted no exceptions. Of the replies, 5 had exceptions as described below (with ABC follow-up):


  • “The balance of $120,000 is incorrect because we paid that amount in full on December 31. 20X5.”
    • Follow-up: An analysis of the cash receipts journal revealed that the check had been received in the mail on January 9, 20X6.
  • “Of the balance of $30,000, $330 is incorrect because on December 19 we returned a printer to Keystone when we found that we didn’t need it. We ordered it in the middle of November when we had anticipated a need for it. When we received the printer, we realized it was unnecessary and returned it unopened.”
    • Follow-up: An analysis of the transaction revealed that it was received by Keystone on December 31, 20X5, and that the adjustment to the account had been processed on January 2, 20X6.
  • “The balance of $214,000 is correct, and we paid it on January 5, 19X6.”
    • Follow-up: An analysis of the cash receipts journal revealed that the check had been received on January 10, 20X6.
  • “Of the balance of $130,000, $10,000 is incorrect because it represents goods that we didn’t receive until January 5, 20X6.”
    •  Follow-up: Inspection of shipping records reveals that the item was shipped on January 3, 20X6.
  • “Of the account’s $18,000 balance, we paid $17,460 and the $540 (3 percent of the total) remains unpaid because the Keystone salesperson told us that she would be able to obtain a ‘special’ discount beyond the normal.”
    • Follow-up: While inspection of the sales agreement indicated no such discount arrangement, discussions with Loren Steele (controller) and Sam Best (president) indicated that the salesperson had inappropriately granted such a discount to the client. On January 15, 20X6, they processed the discount and credited the account for $540.




Answer the following questions for the above case.


  • For each of the five exceptions, determine the account’s proper “audited value.”
  • Use the probability-proportional-to-size method with your analysis from part (A) to evaluate your sample’s results. The risk of incorrect acceptance is 5 percent.
  • Prepare working papers that identify the five exceptions, in a table; determine the account’s audited value; and determine if the variances are acceptable.


Be sure your essay is well written and in APA Format.




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if x 4y 40 and xy 6 what will be the value of x 2y

If x²+4y²=40 and xy=6, what will be the value of x+2y? Please explain how you arrived at your answer. 

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need 2 pages 3

Pls find attached instructions

i need 2 pages.

Pls REFERENCE at least 5 of the provided articles

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