brand product assignment i have to chose a brand which i have chosen vans the shoes for this assignment it have to go with the lesson that with in the book


To provide you with the opportunity to apply course concepts and ideas to a specific brand/product. This assignment will also help you to study for your exams by exposing you to the chapter and course material.


In the first week of the semester your first assignment will be to select a brand/product to focus on for the semester. Pick a brand/product that is interesting and relevant to you. Refer to BlackBoard, and the course syllabus for due date and times of all assignments.

After the brand/product is selected, you will focus on that specific brand/product and relate it to all concepts covered in this course. You will keep a running journal of how each chapter of the CB7 textbook materials relate to you as a consumer and/or the brand/product. In some chapters, there will be more to discuss than others. Your job is to study what is covered write how it relates to you and/or your brand/product. It is not necessary to discuss every vocabulary word or concept from each chapter. Rather, I would like you to evaluate how the concepts relate to you and product, current world/marketing events, etc. and write a summary of how and why it is important. If you have illustrations from commercials or advertising to illustrate specific CB concepts or theories, these should be included.

This is an assignment should be done in conjunction with your study. It should be used as a study tool for each exam. As you read, think about, and write about specific concepts from each chapter that will solidify the concepts and you should perform better on each exam. Furthermore, the longer you wait between when you covered the material and when you write your ideas, the more difficult it will be to do a good job. I encourage you to keep up to date on this assignment!


Overall, I am looking for your integration of class concepts to you and your brand/product, and your ability to clearly and effectively communicate your ideas. There is no specific format to follow. However, given the amount of material, I do expect
AT LEAST one full page (12 point, Times New Roman, double spaced) for each chapter. Make it interesting, organized, and easy to follow. Other than that, I am leaving those details up to you to decide

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short C++ Program assginment

check the pdf file to see the instructions

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i need answers to my lab assignment in my geology class 1

I need the answers to questions in my Physical Geology class. I have attached a word document that has questions and pictures of various rocks and minerals. I need the answers to the questions on the worksheet.

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please write an experience which related to the microeconomics terms



ELASTICITY AND TIME HORIZON: buying an expensive air ticket in an emergency situation compared to a longer period to plan a trip and more flexibility /response to price changes.




MOST LIKELY STORY (WHICH IS PERFECTLY FINE) IS where you compare the additional (marginal) cost versus the marginal benefit and then make a decision as to whether it is worthwhile doing that activity or not.

COMBINATION OF DIFFERENT CONCEPTS IN 1 STORY: E.g. I mentioned in class today (wed, May 22) how my Willingness to pay for the BTS concert in NY City was high.I was prepared to pay $400 (MC). However combined with the expensive Airline ticket ($900), I had to consider my budget constraint. The short time horizon made the price inelastic. I was also frustrated about lack of competition in Airlines industry.


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consumer behavior application paper

Please read the attached article (“It’s Good Enough For Me”) and then respond, in essay format, to the questions below. Your paper should demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Chapter 3 (Segmentation), Chapter 5 (Personality), Chapter 6 (Perception), Chapter 7 (Learning), and Chapter 9 (Communication) as well as any other concepts discussed this semester.

1. After reading this article, in your opinion, is micromarketing (or niche segmenting) in the children’s television show domain an effective use of target marketing? Why or why not?

2. After reading this article, in your opinion, is micromarketing in the children’s television show domain ethical? Why or why not?

3. From a learning perspective, how do these current child-focused television shows utilize the principles of classical conditioning, instrumental conditioning, and observational learning, respectively? Provide a specific example from the article of each. Be sure to explain how the example represents the instrumental conditioning or observational learning.

4. As noted in the article, “…what really unifies these shows is how strongly their satisfactions echo those of legal procedurals.” The author draws parallels between adult shows like “Law & Order,” “The Shield,” and “Dexter” and current children’s shows like “Wonder Pets,” “Yo Gabba Gabba,” “Ni Hao, Kai-Lan,” and “Phineas and Ferb” in that their plot line is linear. What can these current child-focused television shows teach children about the communication process? Describe and provide an example using a communication model discussed in Chapter 9.

5. Describe how current children’s television shows (again, using one of the shows mentioned in “It’s Good Enough For Me” or another one) can teach children to avoid irrational decisions by highlighting the role of perception (i.e., selection, organization, and perception) in decision-making. You can provide an example of plot line (real or make believe) that demonstrates how effective perception can lead to the avoidance of irrational decisions.


§The body of the paper should be approximately 5-6 (double-spaced) pages in length. Use APA style.

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answer 3 easy psychology question each question needs 300 words answer

1. answer 4 psychology questions

2. each question needs about ~300 words answer

3. no introduction/ no conclusion/ no outline/ nothing else, just need to find the answer and follow the requirement to answer the question



1.What is the dot test? Describe it. Explain what passing the dot test means for babies and their self-concept.


2.Choose one of Erikson’s Eight Stages of Psychosocial Development. For the stage you choose, describe it in your own words including: the struggle (called “stage” on ppt slides), age range, central issue, and virtue.


3.What are the four types of temperament? Provide a short definition of each, in your own words.

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1. Watch the Shoot/Don’t Shoot video at this link: 2. Tak

1. Watch the Shoot/Don’t Shoot video at this link:
2. Take both sides of the issue – pro and con – where “pro” argues that the police should be under more regulation on their use of deadly force and that there should be less use of lethal force by police, and “con” is that there should be less regulation / restriction of police use of lethal force.
3. Find one article for each side of the issue (for a total of 2 articles) and summarize the position and arguments of the articles in paragraph each.

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about films lets answer this about a favorite movie

Please see attachment and follow directions. Do not bid if you can’t follow directions


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applying plagiarism prevention strategies

Ensuring academic integrity in your work requires an understanding of Walden’s policy, the ability to recognize violations of the policy, and the ability to use source material appropriately in your academic writing. In this Discussion, you bring all of these skills together when describing your approach to ensuring academic integrity.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the Week 4 Resources and consider what you have learned in the course regarding strategies for ensuring academic integrity.

By Day 3

Post a 1- to 2-paragraph evaluation of your growth due to this course. Specifically:

Name an aspect of academic integrity that you have struggled with in the past. Then explain a technique you will use to prevent that situation in upcoming courses and any future professional writing. As part of your post, paraphrase at least one of the sources in this course, including a proper in-text citation and reference.

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750 word essay 4

Write a 750 – 1250 word paper on the following topic:

Compare and contrast financial and managerial accounting. Provide one specific, real-life example of how either financial accounting helps external stakeholders make informed decisions or how managerial accounting helps managers to improve operational and financial performance.

Your paper must be formatted according to APA 6th edition guidelines, and you need to use at least three external references. Save your file as “LastnameFirstinitial-ACCT105-8.”

Submit your work by midnight ET on Day 7 (Sunday).

Note that your attached paper will automatically be submitted to Turnitin, and an Originality Report should be sent back to the classroom within around 15 minutes. The Originality report does not actually recommend changes. It does point out where you may need to add a citation or quotation marks (if not already cited). Once you use it a few times, you will appreciate this tool, as it will assist you in improving quality and content, as well as avoid plagiarism. Your goal is to keep direct quotations to a minimum and to make sure that you do not just cut and paste material. Ensure that all your references are cited. A report with a similarity index less than 25% is acceptable for undergraduate level work.

Your paper will be evaluated according to the Writing Assignment Grading Rubric shown below. To maximize your grade, be sure to use the proper organization (intro, body, conclusion) and follow APA style. Your paper should have a title page and reference page, but you do not need an abstract for this assignment. See the PowerPoint presentation attached for APA assistance.

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