21st century skill instructional plan w assessment plans

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This task requires you to make connections between 21st-century support systems, specifically 21st Century Professional Development components. There are several approaches you could take with this assignment. However, it is recommended the instructional plan that you decide to redesign needs to include at least one of the components found on the 21st Century Professional Development link and listed here:

a. Highlights ways teachers can seize opportunities for integrating 21st century skills, tools, and teaching strategies into their classroom practice — and help them identify what activities they can replace/de-emphasize.

b. Balances direct instruction with project-oriented teaching methods.

c. Illustrates how a deeper understanding of subject matter can actually enhance problem-solving, critical thinking, and other 21st century skills.

d. Enables 21st century professional learning communities for teachers that model the kinds of classroom learning that best promotes 21st century skills for students.

e. Cultivates teachers’ ability to identify students’ particular learning styles, intelligences, strengths, and weaknesses.

f. Helps teachers develop their abilities to use various strategies (such as formative assessments) to reach diverse students and create environments that support differentiated teaching and learning.

g. Supports the continuous evaluation of students’ 21st century skills development.

h. Encourages knowledge sharing among communities of practitioners, using face-to-face, virtual, and blended communications.

i. Uses a scalable and sustainable model of professional development.

For example, you may redesign an instructional plan with assessment plans embedded throughout, or a full assessment plan including a summative assessment that demonstrates either point’s f or g, both focusing on student assessment. On the other hand, you might select a previous assignment that focused on professional collaboration and/or PLCs and modify it to support points d, h, or i. As need refer to the MAED program learning outcomes (PLCs) list (attached below) as needed.

Create assignment to meet the content and written communication expectation below:

·  21st Century Professional Development – instructional plan with assessment plans embedded throughout, or a full assessment plan with a summative assessment that includes integration of 21st Century Skills, teaching strategies, project-oriented teaching methods, problem-solving, and critical thinking

·  Summary – Introduction/Conclusion – One paragraph introduction to the summary that concisely presents the scope and organization of the summary writing, as well as a one paragraph conclusion that recaps your summary’s key points

·  Summary – Modification – One paragraph, summarize the changes you made to your activity to meet the redesign expectations for this assignment. Explicitly state how your redesign assignment provides evidence of mastery of PLC’s 5 and 7 (attached below)

·  Page Requirements – 2 to 4 pages not including the title and reference pages

·  APA formatting

·  4 scholarly sources 


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