26.TFCorporate social responsibility (CSR) combines a commitment

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26.      T         F         Corporate social responsibility (CSR) combines a commitment

to good

citizenship with a commitment to making ethical decisions, improving

society, and minimizing environmental impact.

27.      A decision-making technique that involves weighing the costs of a given action against

the benefits of that action is known as:

a.             Utilitarianism.

b.             Categorical imperative.

c.             Cost-benefit analysis.

d.             Outcome-based ethics.

28.      When businesses take account of the many cultural, religious, and legal differences among nations, they are engaging in ______________________________.

a.             Global business ethics.

b.             Corporate social responsibility.

c.             Triple bottom line ethics.

d.             Outcome-based ethics.

e.             Embezzlement.

29.      A common law doctrine where either the employer or employee can terminate the employment relationship at any time and for any reason is called_________________.

a.             Independent contracting.

b.             Employment-at-will.

c.             An employment contact.

d.             None of the above.

30.      T         F         An independent contractor is entitled to workers’ compensation


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