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In this module, you will begin to create a profile for a target audience segment for the communication campaign you are developing for the client organization/communication goal that you selected in Module 2. ( client organization: amazon) 

In your response (in paragraph form):

Summarize your audience segment descriptions and include the following:

  • The entire target audience for the campaign
  • A list of potential target audience segments (the entire target audience, categorized by common characteristics, such as geographic location, demographics, psychographics, etc.)
  • Strive to include at least two segments in your response. You can include more than two. In this brainstorming phase of the project, it will be most productive to include all of the segments that you consider relevant to your communication goal.
  • Eventually, in upcoming modules, you will select one segment from your list of potential target audience segments to include in the Strategic Communication Plan.

(In a real-world setting, you would develop a campaign for all relevant segments in your target audience. For the purposes of the class and in the timeframe available during the semester, you will be able to select one audience segment to focus on for the Audience Segment Analysis assignment due in Module 5 and all other assignments related to the Strategic Communication Plan.)


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