3 page hamlet paper mla format

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  • Choose one significant point in the play Hamlet to express as your thesis statement for a three to five page essay. 
  • Here is an essay map that  I want you to use. Be sure to save a .pdf copy (it gives you an option to do that at the end of the interactive) because you MUST turn the Essay Map in with your essay. (EMAIL THE ESSAY MAP TO ME AFTER WRITING MY PAPER PLEASE)
  • You are not summarizing a play or doing a review.  You are choosing a significant point, analyzing it, and supporting your thoughts with sources.
  • You must try to persuade the reader that your thesis is the correct thing to think about your chosen topic. Use differing opinions to strengthen your assertions and  answer potential reader objections and questions, making your paper more persuasive!
  • You MUST use MLA format.
  • To support your comments, you must include relevant brief quotations from the play (primary source material) and at least one quotation from another source (secondary source material) that is NOT an internet source, and one other secondary source. 
  • DO NOT USE FIRST PERSON. (No “I” in your paper.) This is a FORMAL, academic paper. 
  • Don’t forget to use in text citation. (Links to an external site.) 
  • This paper should be 3-5 full pages long, plus a separate MLA Works Cited page (Links to an external site.).

The quotes and paraphrases you use in your paper should be

  • relevant to your point
  • properly introduced
  • thoroughly explained
  • tailored to blend smoothly into your paper
  •  accompanied by a parenthetical citation.
  •  At least 80% of the paper must be YOUR comments and thoughts, with no more than 20% being quotes or citations from other sources.
  • A Works Cited page IS required!
  • Give your paper an original title.  (Ie, more than just “Hamlet.”) 

If you are unsure of how to set up an MLA paper, here is some information.

You may turn your paper in at any time until the due date.


Primary sources: Original or firsthand materials, such as the play, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, by William Shakespeare.

Secondary sources: Secondhand accounts, information, or reports about primary sources

MLA format: The format prescribed by the Modern Language Association for documenting papers in the arts and humanities. 


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