350 word discussion post on anthropology of business

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For the first discussion, you went over a few articles that seemed unrelated and even weird perhaps. Well, the common denominator for all of the four ( as all of you already realized) is called CULTURE. And I hope that by now, you already have a good idea on the role that the concept of culture have for this class. But what do anthropologists do? Watch the required video in that regard and then, google the key words anthropologists, business anthropology, anthropology and design, anthropology and marketing, etc etc.

Then, in 300-350 words describe for the rest of us what anthropologists (or an anthropologist , if you find a name) do in their own field. Do you find it interesting? Would that be helpful in your own major/area/specialization? Please don’t forget to add a) a link for your source (article or video) as well as b) the reference.

Key concepts that you may find valuable: anthropology, culture, four fields of anthropology, applied anthropology, methods of anthropological study, ethnography, artifacts, holism, cultural relativism, observation, participant observation, globalization.

video required to watch



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