75 word response to student in regards of what they wrote to keep conversation going: Online File-Sharing

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Topic: Online File-Sharing

Identify the various stakeholders in the online
file-sharing controversy created by file sharing websites. How ethical are
these services from a free market perspective? A utilitarian or deontological
one? Is there a difference, ethically, between the copyright infringing
activity of a music file-sharing service and those who use it? What has the
movie/music industry done to stop online file-sharing? What have they done to
embrace it?


Hello professor and Classmates,

The stakeholder in the online file-sharing controversy
are identified by what we are actually looking at and listening to. 
Intellectual property effects all of human kind.  In the digital world,
the stakeholder is anyone.  Everyone.  Artists, customers, buyers and
sellers.  File-sharing website owners, in my opinion, have the greatest
interest in this industry.  They can either use ethics and conform to the
regulated industry or they can disregard the standards and continue to pirate
movies and music. 

The free market perspective would have us believe that
just because it is out there on the web, that we have the right to pursue it
even if it is not legal or moral.  Ethically speaking, a free market
perspective would be considered unethical.  The free market is about
making money for the company regardless of ethical values.  In this
instance, I would say that the utilitarian view would be the most beneficial
for the parties involved.  We are talking about using the file sharing
system for the greater good of all of the stakeholders.  This differs from
a deontological view because in this ethic, the file-sharing websites would be
sharing the music so that everyone could get it, regardless of the consequences

If the customer knows that a product being purchased
is from an illegal forum, then there is no unethical difference between the
customer and the website operator.  Common sense will tell us that if
there something illegal about any type of transaction, then if we turn the
other cheek, we are just as guilty as the one selling the product.  The
Modern Copyright Law(1976); “(1994) Congress creates penalties for
bootlegging audio recordings of live performances and music videos; (1997) No
Electronic Theft (NET) Act
expands criminal sanctions for © violations;
(1998) Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) bans technologies that
circumvent antipiracy measures or otherwise facilitate infringement; (1998) Sonny
Bono Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA)
extends the period protecting all
copyrights to author’s life plus 70 years and to 95 years from publication or
120 years from creation for “works for hire” where copyright is held by a
corporation.”(Halbert & Ingulli., 2014. p. 338). are some of the ways
that lawmakers have attempted to curb the piracy topic.  They have
constantly levied record fines and convictions for copyright infringement and

Olanoff, D., 2012, has put the numbers
in “excess of $500 million.” while the same case, as reported by
Teinowitz, I., 2015, “Andrus Nomm, 36, of Estonia, a former computer
programmer, agreed to plead guilty to felony copyright
infringement.”  These stem from the single biggest criminal acts of
Megaupload.com where “providing pirated access to TV shows and
movies.” was occurring up to 50 million times a day according to
Teinowitz, I., 2015.


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“among the largest criminal copyright cases ever”
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Teinowitz,I., 2015. Biggest
Piracy Case in U.S. History Gets Its First Conviction. 
from: http://www.thewrap.com/biggest-piracy-case-in-u-s-history-gets-its-first-conviction/


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