A Objective: This activity is designed to deepen your understanding of how significant life events can affect the behavior and development of children, a key component of our Social Work Human Behavio

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Objective: This activity is designed to deepen your understanding of how significant life events can affect the behavior and development of children, a key component of our Social Work Human Behavior course.


·        Parental divorce or separation

Step 2: Research and Reflection

·        Investigate how this chosen significant life event can impact children’s emotional, cognitive, social, and behavioral development. Use reputable sources such as research articles, books, or academic websites to support your findings.

·        Reflect on the potential challenges and coping mechanisms children might employ in response to this event.

·        Consider any potential long-term effects and the role of resilience in children’s development.

Step 3: Application (1-2 pages):

·        Describe a fictional case study or real-life example (with names changed for privacy) of a child who experienced the chosen significant life event. Highlight their age, family context, and specific challenges they faced.

·        Discuss how a social worker might intervene to support this child and their family in the wake of this event. Utilize concepts and theories from our course to inform your recommendations.

Assessment Criteria: Your work will be assessed based on the depth of your research, the clarity of your reflections, the creativity and relevance of your case study or example, and the application of course concepts to your recommendations.

This activity encourages you to connect theoretical knowledge about human behavior to real-world situations, fostering a deeper appreciation of the challenges faced by children and the role of social workers in supporting them during significant life events.



1.     TOPIC: The reformative prison systems that affect the lives of ex-inmates.


o   Include a brief summary of the study (100-175 words)

o   Identifies 3-5 keywords

1.     Introduction

o   Describe the importance & purpose of the research study

o   Explain importance to the field of social work (practice,

education, policy, or research)

1.     Problem Statement

·        What problem does your proposal address?

·        How many people are affected by this problem?

·        Why is this an important social problem?

·        How does it affect other important social issues or

focal populations?

·        Why is your population an important one to study?

1.     Research question and hypothesis

·        State your research question and hypothesis.

·        States and describes your research question(s) and

hypothesis(es), clearly identifying variables

(Independent and dependent)

·        You can have more than one, but you need to explain

you conceptualize and measure each question in this proposal.

1.     Literature Review

·        Includes a summary of existing literature

·        Includes a brief critique of existing research

·        Clearly identifies & defines your theoretical framework

1.     Proposed Methodology

·        Identifies the sampling approach you will use.

(e.g., availability sampling, quota sampling)

·        Identifies the design you will use. (e.g., online survey, classic experiment)

·        How will you ensure confidentiality and informed consent?

·        What are the risks and benefits of the study? Why do the benefits outweigh the risks?

·        Describe how the data/results will be analyzed (What qualitative or quantitative methodology)

·        Critique of methodology

1.     Implications

1.     Discuss why this research proposal/topic is importance

2.     Discuss the implications to the social work profession

3.     Identify any potential limitations of the proposal?

1.     References

(at least 10 empirically based sources, dated 2013 or more recent)

1.     No/Few grammatical, spelling and syntax errors

1.     Paper follows APA guidelines (12-point font,  Proper citations, title page, reference etc.)


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