a patient with a different worldview from my own, week 5 discussion 4 help

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Please do a paragraph about this post with this instruction . post most have 4 or more sentences . you also have to have a high quality post from a content perspective. This means it also needs to do more than agree with or praise a class mate. If you agree with a classmate, explain why, give an example, share what you learned in the readings

When I care for a patient with a different worldview from my own, my strengths are: just spending time with them, and taking out the time to find out what is important to them. I comfort them and support them in their decisions. Patience and understanding is very important. My weakness would be: if I had a patient that had a life-threatening problem, for example, a Jehovah Witness needed blood or blood products because they were bleeding internally and was going to die and they refused the blood, my weakness would be supporting their decision. I do not know if I would be strong enough to stand by and watch them die when there was something we could do to help. For the minor decisions, it is easy to support the patients but in a life-threatening situation it is hard for me.

If I were the patient and was in sound mind, I would have the final say in terms of ethical decision-making and intervention for myself. I would also talk with my doctor to see what they thought would be best for me. “Beneficence obligates physicians to act for the benefit of their patients, respect for autonomy requires singular goal of improved health (Moulton and King, 2010). If I was not in sound mind, my husband would make that decision for me. We have been married many years and he knows what I want and I believe he will do what is in my best interest.


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