A Research Proposal

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The purpose of this assignment is to help you acquire in-depth knowledge of a specific
topic in the study of international studies that is of interest to you, and encourage you
to apply the material you will learn in this course to provide a well-organized research
design to examine that specific research question. This proposal will (very likely) be
your senior thesis project. There are five sections in this project.

1. A one-page (minimum) research question statement (5%, due at January 31).
In this assignment, you need to provide:

– The research question (e.g., does economic development cause democratization, or how can we resolve the surge of transnational terrorism/ISIS?).

– Context for your research question–what is happening in the world that makes
you ask such question?

– Why is this question important, and to whom is this question important?


I do not know how to formulate the question but. I want to talk about feminism: women’s rights at international scale

Why does some countries tend to promote women emancipation and why some countries still not. Where the difference is coming from


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