A Senator Remembers, history homework help

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A Senator Remembers

The spring day is beautiful.  It appears that warmer weather has come quickly to the region, complete with the sounds and smells of a gentler season.  With age, Claudius becomes more appreciative of the changing times.  Maybe this awareness is tied with the passage of the years, but more appropriately can be attributed to a different outlook since life has slowed somewhat.  I bit of inactivity agrees with this once dynamic figure.  It leads to a sense of reflection and repose.

Your name is Claudius Marius and you are a Roman Senator relaxing in the garden of his home on the outskirts of the city of Rome.  As a member of the patrician class, your life has been one of privilege and involvement.  Now that you have reached the tender age of 70, you have retired to your villa.  Many changes have occurred in the empire since you were a young lad struggling to ensure the survival of a culture.  Discuss your life and what you have observed during your years as a Roman leader.  Do you foresee Rome as a leader in the world for some to come?  Elaborate.  Are their situations and circumstances within the empire that you believe might lead to demise?  Discuss.  Can anything be done to “reduce” the decline of Rome?

4-5 pages typed, double spaced

12 point font


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