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review the AACN DNP Essentials document and reflect on the competencies presented. Think of  your personal and academic goals and consider how those goals align with both Walden University’s mission and vision and with the AACN DNP Essentials. Reflect on the social determinants of health framework and consider how your academic and professional goals might align with addressing these elements as a DNP-prepared nurse

  • Explain how your academic and professional goals align with Walden’s vision, mission, social change message, social determinants of health, and university outcomes as well asand the AACN DNP Essentials. Be specific.
  • Explain how you plan to incorporate social change throughout your program of study and in professional practice. Be sure to include how social change may contribute to your practicum/field experience and your role in professional practice.

    2 page minimum Resources 

· American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (n.d.). 

Fact sheetsLinks to an external site.

. https://www.aacnnursing.org/news-data/fact-sheets

· American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2015). 
The Doctor of Nursing Practice: Current issues and clarifying recommendations. https://www.aacnnursing.org/Portals/42/News/White-Papers/


Download DNP-Implementation-TF-Report-8-15.pdf

· American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2006). 
The essentials of doctoral education for advanced nursing practice.https://www.aacnnursing.org/Portals/42/Publications/


Download DNPEssentials.pdf

· Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2021). 

Social determinants of health: Know what affects health.
Links to an external site.

· Read, C. Y., Pino Betancourt, D. M., & Morrison, C. (2016). 

Social change: A framework for inclusive leadership: Development in nursing education.Links to an external site.

Journal of Nursing Education, 55(3), 164–167. https://doi.org/10.3928/01484834-20160216-08

· Walden University. (2022). 

Social determinants of health: Understanding vision health equity.
Links to an external site.

· Walden University. (n.d.). 

Walden catalog.Links to an external site.

· Review the “Introduction” to the Walden Catalog, noting in particular the “Vision, Mission, and Goals” section of the Walden University Catalog.


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