Abstract Learning Objectives

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Scientific Project: Abstract
Learning Objectives:
1) Understand the components of the scientific process.
2) Identify the most important details of the individual self-experiment.
3) Create a structured summary of a personal scientific experiment.
An abstract is usually found at the beginning of a scientific research article. It is a brief
summary of the study. You can think of it as the movie trailer – you watch the trailer to the
movie to determine whether you want to go see the whole movie. When you read the
abstract, you are determining whether or not you are interested in reading the rest of the
article. While an abstract is often the very first part of a scientific article, it is the last part to
be written. All academic journals have slightly different requirements for their abstracts.
For this section of your scientific project, you are expected to create an abstract of your
entire self-experiment. This final piece of your project should be written in past tense, as you
are reporting on an experiment that you have already completed. Your abstract must not
exceed 250 words.
You must use the following 7 subheadings exactly to receive full credit:
Title: Develop a title that best suits your experiment.
Background: Provide 3-4 sentences of brief background information to shed light onto the
specific topic that you addressed in your experiment. This is NOT an explanation of why you
chose your topic (see examples below).
Objective: This should be 1 sentence, and should finish the sentence: “The purpose of this
study was…” This should NOT be phrased as a question.
Methods: Briefly explain your methodology for your data collection. Unlike your “Methods”
section of the project that you completed earlier in the quarter, this section should only
include the important details of your procedures. You do not need to list specific brand
names. The following 3 important details are required: 1) frequency of testing intervals, 2)
manipulation of the independent variable, 3) how you measured the dependent variable.
Results: State your most important finding(s), but do not explain them. You must include 1)
your starting dependent variable value, 2) ending dependent variable value, and 3) total
change (mean difference). All of these values should be presented as numbers, as you all
have been required to conduct quantitative research.
Conclusions: Explain your most important findings, and whether or not they agree with the
present literature. You must make a comparison to published literature (it can be one
Word Count: You must present (clearly type out) your word count at the end of the abstract.
You must reach a minimum of 200 words, but cannot exceed 250 words. You should NOT
include your title or subheadings in your word count total.


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