accounting assignment suppose mrabc invested rs 200000 start his business total period durat

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ACCOUNTING ASSIGNMENT Suppose Mr.ABC Invested Rs . 200000 to start his business. The total period ( duration) of his business is 6 Months. Mr . ABc got a profit of Rs. 30000 at the end of first month . Then he is investing the profit rupees plus 10000 extra i:e; A total amount of Rs: 40000, in his business . like wise he gets profite each month and investing that amount in the business . but after the end of six month. Mr . ABc calculate net results of his business and he gets a loss of Rs. 75000  how he gets a net loss ?  make transactions your self.  And illustrate through income statement or Accounting Equation , all the transaction & shows the net loss- Note :- income Statement is the statements which shows revenue , expenses, net profit/ loss So it would be better to solve the above problem through income statement.. In this assignment you have to make your own transactions

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