ADM3333 Staffing Organizations Plan Project (only Implementation of Recommendations part)

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Hi. This a group project and I’m only in charge of the Implementation of Recommendations part, please see the grading rubric of my part (shown in the appendix #2 attached). And we are expected to write this project based on the information from the proposal and interview questions (please the files attached). The attached documents are all the materials I have for this project. The deadline is approaching and my group mates haven’t start yet, so for my part you can just provide the implementation plans based on the evaluation of the proposal and interview questions, and it will be better to divide the implementation plan into short-term(3-6months), intermediate term(6 months-1year) and long-term(1year+) time periods. Remember that only the part of the implementation of recommendations is needed to be done for me 🙂

Thank you so much!

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