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Attached please find the Final Paper Requirements. As the semester progresses, more information will be provided about the formatting of the final paper.

A one-page paper proposal (Word document) is due to be submitted via Assignments between September 4 and September 10.

The proposal (one page…not one paragraph) should briefly describe the leader, organization, and crisis/event/accomplishment that you will analyze. The leader/organization/crisis should be researchable in the public domain. In other words, the dilemma in the organization must be verifiable. 

The proposal shall be a MS Word document submitted as an attachment. The Word document shall be 12-font Times New Roman and double-spaced. The document shall be named:


MADS 6606
Final Paper Requirements

One of the essential elements of the MADS 6606 class is the final paper. This 10-page paper written in

APA style will include:

I. Title Page

II. Introduction

III. Leader’s Biographical Information

IV. Major Influences (life event, disorienting dilemma, etc.)

V. Notable Leadership Position(s)

VI. Crisis/Event/Accomplishment within an Organization

VII. Identifiable Leadership Attributes


IX. Characteristics of Followers / Relationship with Followers

X. Legacy

XI. Conclusion

XII. References

The title page (page 1) must comport with an APA formatted title page.

In Section II introduce your leader and their organization. The leader can be selected from any field or

sector (public or private, but needs to be researchable, not known only to you).

In Section III provide a very brief biographical sketch of the leader.

In Section IV outline any major event or impact on the person’s leadership development.

In Section V note any leadership positions the leader held or holds.

In Section VI you should identify and describe the organizational dilemma or accomplishment you are

linking to the leader in this paper. The dilemma or accomplishment should be researchable in the public


In Section VII identify any apparent or perceived leadership traits of the leader.

In Section VIII you will use the TLP to analyze the qualities of the leader. TLP information will be presented

during the course.

In Section IX outline the characteristics of the leader’s followers or the relationship the leader holds with

the followers.

In Section X describe what legacy the leader is generally perceived to have left as the result of their role in

the crisis, event, or accomplishment.

Section XI is self-explanatory. The conclusion will not go beyond page 10 in your paper (Word document)

or your paper will be returned to you ungraded.

The references page should be in strict conformance with APA guidelines for reference pages.

MADS 6606
Final Paper Requirements

An example for a paper might include an examination of how CEO James Burke (Johnson & Johnson)

handled the cyanide tampering incidents with its Tylenol products back in 1982. Section III might address

Burke’s upbringing in rural New England and Section IV might address any major life events that resulted

in Burke’s value-driven approach to business and crisis management. Section V would note his leadership

ascension in J&J as well as any other notable positions he held. Section VI would outline the

crisis/event/accomplishment under examination. Section VII would delve into any of Burke’s leadership

attributes. Information for the TLP will be forthcoming to facilitate the development of Section VIII.

Section IX could examine either the J&J followers within the organization or J&J customers. Section X

could address how Burke’s leadership is perceived as a result of how he handled the Tylenol crisis (example:

J&J’s handling of the Tylenol incident is a model for corporate crisis communications today).

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