Admission essay about my self and why I choose this university and major.

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1- ( Business administration )

Please tell us about your interest in the major you selected (200 words or fewer)

2- Do you want us to consider you for a different major in the event that we are not able to offer admission to your first-choice major? (Business administration- Finance )

Please tell us about your interest in the major you selected (200 words or fewer)

3- Please tell us about your path after high school through the 2- and/or 4-year college system, your goals for transferring, and why you are interested in attending Chapman specifically.

1) The `I Am Chapman’ campaign on our campus was created to foster an appreciation and awareness of diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice for all. We celebrate our students’ individuality in all of its forms including their personal experiences, culture, religious beliefs, opinions, ancestry, race, ethnicity, interests, ability, geographic backgrounds and family traditions. Given the diverse experiences and perspectives of our community members, the admission committee would like to know what makes you `Chapman?’ (200 words or fewer)

2) The Chapman Diversity Project is a campus-wide initiative with eight different Advisory Groups. These groups identify, recommend, and support creative strategies for promoting and enhancing our campus community. They also respond to any issues, needs, and concerns identified on our campus. Suggest an Advisory group or select one of the existing groups below and share how you would contribute to the advancement of our campus community. (200 words or fewer)

Existing Advisory Groups:
Disabilities and Accessibility
Faith, Spirituality, and Secularism
LGBTQ Communities
Military Affiliates
People of Color
Socio-economic Stratification
The Status of Women
International Communities


Hints about me,

I am an international student.

Age 22

I came to united states of America ( California ) in 2014

I started by studying ESL in Kaplan for 6 months then,

I went University of California Irvine to complete my ESL study.

In spring 2016 I got accepted from Irvine Valley College and my major is business administration.

Now i really want to transfer to chapman university to complete my bachelors degree

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