advanced design of shafts dynamics

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A shaft is supported by two bearings placed 1 m apart. A 600 mm diameter

pulley is mounted at a distance of 300 mm to the right of left hand bearing and this drives a pulley

directly below it with the help of belt having maximum tension of 2.25 kN. Another pulley 400 mm

diameter is placed 200 mm to the left of right hand bearing and is driven with the help of electric

motor and belt, which is placed horizontally to the right. The angle of contact for both the pulleys is

180° and μ = 0.24. Determine the suitable diameter for a solid shaft, allowing working stress of

63 MPa in tension and 42 MPa in shear for the material of shaft. Assume that the torque on one

pulley is equal to that on the other pulley.

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