Agency Presentation

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1) Must be in a voiceover format (ie, ppt, prezi, moovly, imovie, windows movie maker, in icollege, voicethread and panopto etc.; feel free to be creative as you can use pictures (not of clients unless they are already on agencies website/brochures).

2) Present to class within 10-15 mins and be prepared for 5-10 mins of questions/discussion.

3) Student will still need to be present on the day of scheduled presentation for play and questions/discussion.

4) 8–10 PowerPoint slides, voiceover

As stated in the CSWE (2015) Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards, “Social workers are informed, resourceful, and proactive in responding to evolving organizational, community, and societal contexts at all levels of practice” (p. 6). This presentation provides the student an opportunity to reflect on the first quarter’s field experience from the macro perspective. Focus is on how the organization, community, and larger societal issues provide context for the student’s social work practice experiences.

Part I: Organizational Analysis

  • Describe the organization’s mission, purpose, objectives, goals, etc. What does the organization seek to accomplish? What services/programs are provided to meet the organization’s purpose? What gaps exist between stated goals/objectives and actual services?
  • Provide an explanation of the agencies mission statement and a comparison to your agency learning agreement.
  • Who are the clients of the organization? What are their demographics? How many clients are served annually?
  • What are the funding sources for the organization? How are funding decisions made? Give an example of how funding impacts the provision of services.
  • Define the organization as a nonprofit, for-profit, or public entity. How does this designation define the work of the organization?
  • How is service delivery structured to meet the needs of clients? What is the social work role in the organization? What is your role as a social work intern within the agency ?
  • Describe the process for evaluating client/organizational outcomes.
  • Critically analyze the organization’s strengths and weaknesses.

Part II: Community Analysis

  • How does the organization define and describe its “community?”
  • Identify this community’s strengths, resources, and specific issues/problems.
  • What is the community’s perception of the organization?
  • Describe and critique the organization’s relationships with other community resources in the context of serving the needs of clients. Provide two examples of these interactions.

Part III: Societal Analysis

  • Describe one (1) emerging societal trend/issue (support your description with references)
  • Critically analyze how societal trend/issue shapes social work practice and the provision of relevant services in this organization.

The agency is JCCA and incorporate all their different programs.

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