AHS 7615 week 4 reaction paper

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Read the case study included in the learning resources, entitled: The Least of These – Amachi and the Children of Prisoners.

Please complete a 4-6 page reaction paper addressing the following questions about the case study:

  • What does the word Amachi mean?
  • What is the mission/focus of the program?
  • What is the program’s slogan?
  • What faith-based and secular organizations did the program partner with?
  • Where did the program receive its funding from?
  • What management challenges arose that impacted their partnerships?
  • What was the biggest task the program faced during its initial launch? Explain your rationale.
  • What public policy decisions were sparked as a result of the Amachi program?
  • What later impacted the success of the program?
  • What behaviors do you believe are needed to further build the Amachi Program and move it in a positive direction? Please be specific.

It is suggested that you use headings to address each bulleted item. This will help to ensure that you cover all of what is asked for this assignment.

Please make sure that your paper is written in the appropriate APA format, including specific references to the learning resources.


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