Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at The Serenity Center , sociology homework help

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One of your assignment is to attend an AA meeting. Prepare your schedule to attend an AA meeting to complete the following assignment for Week Six

A 750-word paper detailing individual experience at an A.A. 12-step meeting attended during the semester. The student will attend an open meeting and introduce him/herself as a student attending the meeting for a class on alcohol addiction. No notes, recordings, or pictures are to be taken during the experience. The paper will be a personal account of the student’s experience.

  • Format
    • APA format style
    • Separate title page
    • 12 point font
    • Numbered pages
    • 1″ margins

I do not expect you to attend an AA meeting. Please just wing it based on information found online. I will also provide additional information. Thank you.

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