Allure Antiquity Appraise Cleave Depreciate Facet Facsimile Impervious Nondescript Quandary Repose Scintillate Scrutinize

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Allure                  Antiquity

Appraise             Cleave

Depreciate          Facet

Facsimile              Impervious

Nondescript        Quandary

Repose                 Scintillate

Scrutinize             Synthetic

Transmute             Lapse

Adroit                    Raucous

Demeanor              Tacit

fill in the blanks

The judge would not accept the document because it was a __________ and he required an original signature.

Property on the beach will rarely  __________, making it an excellent investment.

The family inherited some jewelry and antiques and wanted to __________ the value in case of theft.

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