An essay about an interview

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Hello so this is basically a reflection of an interview paper. So it is OARS interview. The target behavior is A healthier lifestyle more exercise and healthy food choices. So you do not have to write the interview the essay is mainly about how you interviewed your client. In part B it says all the steps that you have to do. The intro, the type of questions you used and so on. The essay has to be in APA format. Also there is a coding sheet that we have to do which asks how many questions, simple reflections and complex reflections we used and so on. I will attach an example of that too. Also I will attach an example of an essay so it is more clear. There is also the MITI packet attached that explains how questions, simple reflections and so on are quoted. You can use the packet as reference and if you need quotes from the book let me know. I will also attach an example of how an interview looks. BUT the target behavior for my client is HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE. those are just examples to guide you write the paper. The paper is mainly about how you interviewed the client and the coding sheet. You can make things up for the numbers you do not have to do the interview but I am just providing you an example of how it might look like. SO again the target bevahior is healthy lifestyle but I did not do the interview because he is not requiring it. So just try to answer the questions in part B and follow the instructions and you should be fine. Thank you. Also do not forget about the coding sheet. If you have any questions let me know. The coding sheet is also an example. I will attach the rest once you accept it.

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