an essay, include not only the religion but why Islam became an empire, history homework help

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The final project for this class is a take-home final exam that has two parts. In part one you are asked the following question: In your opinion, which civilization contributed the most to the ancient world and to world civilization past and present? This question asks you to assess (1) the importance of the civilization you have chosen in its particular time and place; (2) its influence on the development of other civilizations in the ancient world and (3) the legacy of this civilization to our own world. The project is due on May 11in our classroom during the regular class period. The essay must be three-five pages in length and make a persuasive argument for the civilization you have chosen. The essay will discuss the aspects of the civilization that contributed to its greatness such as its ideology/religion, its economy and style of government; the role of women; its building projects, public works and architecture, and its relations with other states; The essay should clearly describe the characteristics of the civilization that made it great, the influence the civilization had on its neighbors and the legacy it left for future generations. You must support the argument in your essay with relevant quotes from the chapter or chapters in the textbook. Your essay must be based only on the relevant chapter or chapters in the textbook. No other source can be used in writing the essay. Using a source or sources other than the textbook without attribution constitutes plagiarism and will result in an automatic F for the assignment. Using a source other than the textbook or the Ancient History Sourcebook with the relevant citations will result in an automatic D for the assignment. In other words, if a student aspires to a grade of C or better, s/he must follow all the guidelines and must use only the textbook. The essay must be the student’s own work. Collaborative work on the project is not allowed. Collaboration between students will result in an F for all students involved. The essay must include a bibliography in the proper Chicago Manual of Style format that includes the page numbers of the textbook that you used to write your essay. Direct quotes from the textbook must be cited with the page numbers. For the correct format for citing direct quotes, see the Style Guidelines below. The essay is due in class on December 4. There are no exceptions to this deadline unless the student requests an extension from the professor and it is granted. Style Guidelines 1. The paper must be typed on a computer with one-inch margins and double-spacing between lines, not between paragraphs. 2. The project must include a cover page with your name, the title and section of the course, the name of the professor and the date. If you choose to give your project a title, the title should come before your name. Staple all the pages together or use a paper clip. 3. Each page of the essay should be numbered, preferably at the bottom center of the page. 4. All words quoted directly from the textbook must be enclosed in quotation marks and have a citation that includes the page number(s). For this project, the citation comes at the end of the quote with the page numbers in parentheses like this “….” (24-26). 5. The last page of the essay is the Bibliography that should contain one entry for the textbook. The page should have a Bibliography at the center of the page with the titles and publication information flush with the left-hand margin. Here is an example: Bibliography For the textbook: Name of author with last name first. Title of book in italics. Place of Publication: Publisher, Date of Publication, page numbers you used from the text cited as pp. 10-20, for example.

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