Analyze a poem from Cyborgia by Susan Slaviero

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Choose ONE poem from pages 7-37 (be sure to include the poem title and page), and complete the first 4 elements of the Poetry Chart below in reaction to the poem you selected in 200 words or more.

Poetry Chart: Poetry is challenging and requires the reader to actively engage to illicit meaning. Here is a chart to help you apply poetry concepts to analyze a poem:

Paraphrase: Put the poem into your own words to better understand it. Read the poem several times out loud before you try to summarize it.

Title: What is revealed in the title? How does it connect to the content of the poem? Is the title referenced again in the poem? Does it connect to the poem’s theme?

Speaker: Who is the speaker? What are the speaker’s concerns? Mood? What are the main traits of the speaker? Is the speaker interacting with anyone else in the poem?

Setting: Is the setting described or made clear? Where does it take place? When? What time of day? What season? Is the historical, political or social context of when the poems take place important? How does the setting shape/impact the story?

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