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During your reading for this unit, you learned about how healthcare data sets are used in various healthcare settings. For example, Managed Care Organizations utilize the HEDIS data to compare their care and services performance to other health plans. Based on your knowledge, investigate each healthcare data set (HEDIS, UHDDS, OASIS) in each of their appropriate settings. For each data set, your analysis should include the purpose of the data, type of setting, secondary data sources classification, reporting process and frequency (i.e., quarterly, annually), and other important components. Utilize this unit’s readings and other resources found on the internet. 



In case the below link does not work, please go to In the search box on the home page, enter the title of the article.

“Toward Standardization of Health Information.” AHIMA. Retrieved from

“The Role of HIM Professionals in Quality Management.” AHIMA. Retrieved from


Health Data




Read the following chapter(s) from Essentials of Health Information Systems and Technology

  • Chapter 7: “Leadership and Adoption of HIS and Technology”
  • Chapter 8: “Health Informatics”
  • Chapter 10: “ Business and Clinical Intelligence (BI/CI)”

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