Analyze the Impact of Shared Decision Making

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decision making is essential to transformational leadership and organizational
development. For this assignment, consider the impact of decisions without
stakeholder buy-in and involvement. Compare and contrast autocratic decisions
versus participative decisions. What approach is currently practiced most
frequently in your organization? What steps might be taken to increase
democratic principles? What may you need to do to unite the organization?

addition, evaluate your school’s/school district’s CURRENT understanding and
implementation of PLCs and communities of practice. Be certain to identify and
define key terms and concepts as used in the district’s conversations on PLCs.

given the 10 aforementioned characteristics of a PLC, identify one
characteristic that needs enhancement and describe in detail with specific
action steps how you, as an instructional leader, would lead the school in the
identified characteristic becoming common practice within the school’s culture.

consist of effective teams focused on improving teaching and learning. PLCs
focus on:

student learning for all subgroups

in relationships built on trust where risk taking is not only accepted, but
also encouraged

peers in a respectful manner by questioning practices and procedures

d.valuing diversity
in thought, experience, and perspective

their work, and the work of students, public for both feedback and celebration

and engaging in conversation throughout the day informally with colleagues, and
also formally with focused, process agendas

action-research cycles of inquiry

experts from within the school to provide professional development the majority
of time, yet acknowledging that outside consultants can be valuable
contributors when appropriate

leadership within the group and holding all accountable for the organization’s
success and setbacks

one another’s practice and providing timely feedback


Owen, S. (2014). Teacher professional learning
communities: Going beyond contrived collegiality toward challenging debate and
collegial learning and professional growth. Australian Journal of Adult
Learning, 54(2), 54–77.

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