Analyzing Current Involvement Programs

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This is a brief summary of the assignment attached I have a template that you must follow to complete the assignment. Please open all attachment they are need to complete the assignment I am on a very strict deadline.

Analyzing Current Involvement Programs

Schools can and do influence how their supporting community – parents and other family
members, businesses, agencies, and organizations – interacts with students and school
personnel. Because research shows that family and community involvement has a positive
impact on student learning, schools should increase the level of all kinds of community

In this module’s analysis, you will describe and analyze two of your school’s community
involvement programs, their goals, their levels of participation, impact on student learning, and
various aspects that prevent and promote their success.

Course Objective
 Describe the components of effective parent-family-community engagement programs.

Part 1: Analyzing Current Involvement Programs
You will analyze your school’s current community engagement programs to show the student
needs they address and who is most involved in the program. Then you will select two of the
programs you have analyzed (one that primarily involves parents and one that primarily involves
the larger community), and complete a SWOT analysis to identify each program’s strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


1. Compose an introductory paragraph for your paper to introduce your school and its
school/parent/community involvement programs.

2. Create the chart in your Word or text document.

 In the chart, identify up to four parent/community involvement programs that your
school currently has in place. Your list is to include at least one parent program and
one community (external partner) program.
 List the student need(s) that each program addresses.

 Rate the current level of participation in each program by the three contributors:
School personnel, families, and communities. A rating of 1 indicates minimal
participation and 5 indicates full participation.

 Rate the current impact of each program’s contributors on student learning. A rating
of 1 indicates lowest impact on student learning and 5 highest.

Example Chart:
Name and
Current Level of Participation
Current Impact on Student
Learning (1-5)
Personnel Families Community School
Personnel Families Community


Analyze the partnership information you have gathered by considering the following questions.
Respond to each question a well-developed paragraph.

1. Which programs most effectively involve parents/family, school, and community?

2. Which programs most effectively impact student achievement at your school? Describe.

3. Overall, who provides the most support for your school’s programs? What evidence do
you have to support your choice?

4. How is program information communicated to parents/family, the community, and
throughout the school? How could the communication be made more effective?

5. Who could become involved in specific programs to increase the programs’
effectiveness? Explain why these stakeholders are appropriate.

6. How could additional participants be drawn into these community engagement
programs? Suggest several strategies.

7. What needs do students at your school have that are not being addressed? What type of
community engagement program might best address those student needs?

Part 2: Analyzing Current Involvement Programs
SWOT Analysis
A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool used to identify the strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities, and threats for a program or organization.

Directions for Completion:

 From the list you developed in Part 1, select two programs (one that involves
parents/families and one that involves the larger community).

 Create the chart in the Word or text document.

 Analyze each program by completing the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses,
Opportunities, and Threats) analysis.

 Compose a concluding paragraph for your paper.

Example Chart:
Aspect (Parent Program) (CommunityProgram)

Strengths: Positive features
of the partnership. What are
its resources and
capabilities on which to
potentially build?

Weaknesses: Sometimes a
weakness is the absence of
a strength, such as high
cost. Other times, a
weakness could be the flip
side of a strength. Huge
involvement can be a
strength, but it might be a
weakness if you are trying to
gain consensus around a

Opportunities: Potential
opportunities for growth or
becoming stronger.
Examples include the
involvement of new people,
unexpected funding, and
new possibilities within an
existing partnership.

Threats: People or factors
that threaten the program.
Examples include
anticipated downsizing in a
partner and the “graduation”
of a strong, informal
community leader.

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