Analyzing Plot

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Shakespeare Analysis Graphic Organizer: Part Two

Plot Development

As you read Act 3 and Act 4 of The Taming of the Shrew, notice events which
take place to help develop the plot. Identify which part of the plot is being developed
(exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, or resolution), include the
Act and Scene numbers along with the text, and write an explanation/analysis of
what is taking place. You may also include events from Act 1 or Act 2. An example
has been provided for you.

Element of the Plot Act, Scene and Lines Explanation/ Analysis



Act 1, Scene 1

BAPTISTA:Gentlemen, importune me no farther,
For how I firmly am resolved you know;
That is, not bestow my youngest daughter
Before I have a husband for the elder:
If either of you both love Katharina,
Because I know you well and love you well,
Leave shall you have to court her at your pleasure.”

In these lines, we are introduced to Baptista, a father who wants to find a husband
for his oldest daughter, Katharina. The conflict of the play is also introduced
as Baptista has decided that his youngest daughter cannot marry until Katharina
does. These lines provide readers with some background information on Baptista and
his daughters, as well as their familial relationship. They also reveal that while
Baptista loves both of his daughter’s, he is at a loss for how to manage his oldest
daughter, Katharina.

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