Annotated bibliography, 7 sources 2000 words, APA format. Follow instructions keenly

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word count : 2000 words

Number of readings: 7 SOURCES

APA style citation

please make sure to answer the following questions thought in intro

a) what you intend to do for this apprenticeship study – with whom, and where, over what period of time,

b) the reasons for your choice of apprenticeship

c) the research methods and concepts you intend to use, the literature you will draw on to frame your study

d) what you expect to find out by conducting your study


I have not attached all the readings as soon as i assign i will attach them

Use APA format

No plagiarism, no grammar typos

Excellent English and flow of ideas

Make sure you follow the instructions i have attached above very keenly

The paper should be 2000 words

Thank you

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