answer all questions in with meeting apa expectations

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View the case study.


Respond to the questions that

correspond to the scenario


Each question should be answered in complete sentences, using correct sentence structure.

Responses should be free of grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors.

Case Study:

Sandra, a 45year old female, was brought into the emergency room by her friends with

a severe head wound. According to her friends, Sandra tripped and fell after consuming several

alcoholic drinks. When she arrived at the hospital she was incoherent and the hospital

l staff were notable to contact her next of kin. Due to the severity of her wounds, the physician chose to begin medical procedures.


1Define “standard of care.” How would appropriate “standard of care” be determined in this


2.What is the difference between informed and implied consent? Was the consent in this case

implied, informed, or neither? Explain your response.

3.Using the internet, research the Patient Care Partnership. Identify and explain three rights that

the patient has according to the Patient Care Partnership.

4..Using the internet, research the Good Samaritan Law in your state. Summarize it and explain if

it would apply to this case.

5.Define the terms below and give an example of how each of these principles should be used in

this case:







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