Answer five questions for 9 each city

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I would like for you to do the following:

Go to the following city websites and look for the five questions. Do they have a sustainability plan? a resilience plan? Who is the director of planning or anyone who works there, Do they have a chief sustainability officer? And how was the plan created? 

Redondo Beach

Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills Estates


San Dimas

San Fernando

San Gabriel

San Marino

West Covina

So, please, I want you to answer these five questions for each city, and remember, this is not one paragraph, this is five questions and five answers for each city.

1. Sustainability Plan, Yes or No?

2. Resilience plan, yes or no?

3. Who are their planning office and director, or people in planning?

4. Do they have a Chief Sustainability officer?

5. What is the age of the plan?


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