Answer the different parts of each question

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  1. It is said, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Think about
    healthcare as a future health information professional and as a user of
    healthcare services. Do you agree with the above statement? Why or why
    not? Explain your answer in terms of expectations
    from healthcare facilities and providers nowadays.
    Note: Think about something as simple as your performance in a class.
    How do you know you need improvement? You may identify a need to
    improve when you see that your grade is below the maximum or below your
    personal goal, right? So you actually need to see
    the number of points along with an explanation of why it is low. Then,
    you can do something to improve it. Now make your analogy for
  2. Think about an aspect of healthcare that you are familiar with or
    any other aspect of school or life in general that needs improvement.
    After a brief description of your miniscenario, discuss the following.

    • What are the structure indicators for the selected scenario? Identify some inputs.
    • What are the process indicators? Explain the process.
    • What are the outcome indicators? Identify some of the outputs.
    • Which indicators do you think need to change to make an improvement?

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