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!!!! APA FORMAT !!!!!


Based on your reading of Cohen, Brawer and Kisker’s The American Community College, provide detailed answers for each of the questions below, using 12 point font size, preferably in Times New Roman following the APA Manual Style Guide (6th ed.).

  1. Trace the changing patterns of student demographics in the community college and explore the reasons for part-time attendance patterns, discussing the areas where changes are most likely to occur in community college organization, curriculum, instruction, and student services.
  2. Trace the decline in student literacy at all levels of education and discuss, using examples, how community colleges are bearing the brunt of developmental students’ unpreparedness for higher education (past the K-12 experience).
  3. Trace the student personnel services functions of community colleges, including counseling and guidance, student recruitment and retention, orientation, and extra-curricular activities.
  4. What, in your opinion, should be the status of research and publishing at community colleges?
  5. Describe the community college transfer mission.

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