answer the questions 6

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  1. In the Sells reading, we learn that Muslim prayer is usually performed while seated in a special chair, but ultimately physical posture doesn’t matter; one can pray equally well standing, sitting, or lying down.


  1. The opening words of the whole Qur’an (and the prelude to all the other Suras we read this week) are, “In the name of God the Compassionate, the Caring.”


  1. According to the Sells reading, the delicate and often beautiful gender balance in the original Arabic text of the Sura called “Al-Qadr” is readily lost in English translations.


  1. The Christian “New Testament” corresponds to the book that Jewish people refer to as the “Tanakh” (or TNK).


  1. In the commentary on the opening of the Qur’an, the author notes that this opening is sometimes thought of as the Islamic equivalent of the Lord’s Prayer in Christianity, because of how central each of these texts is for people’s religious lives.


  1. For Muslims, the practice of sujud involves touching one’s head to the earth.

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