Appealing for Action Using Rhetorical Strategies, english assignment help

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1. Magazines, newspapers, and even scholarly journals are often available on the Internet. Why should you bother to search the databases available in your library when you could just do a Google search?
A. Database searches through libraries often have direct links to the full text of the articles you find—less available through general Internet searches.

2. There is almost an infinite amount of information available on the Internet,

3. When conducting research, a bibliography can help you find relevant sources—but what is a bibliography?

4. What sources are you most likely to find on a college library’s website?

 5. You should take care and caution before you use some sources in your college writing, such as

 6. When conducting research, what are keywords?

 7. You should conduct your own fieldwork for a college research project

8. Using a simple web-based search engine like Google when conducting academic research

 9. Identifying reliable sources online requires

10. One of the most important tools at the library is

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