Applying to a Major One Short Answering and One Essay

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I have already written information about those two essays. Only the thing what I want is to write in format of an essay with introduction, body, and conclusion part within 250 – 500 words.

1.Short Answer
In 250 – 500 words, please explain why you are interested in the major that you are applying to and what do you hope to learn?

2. An Essay

Please write an essay describing what you project yourself doing after you graduate with your bachelor’s degree from Rutgers.

Your personal statement should be in essay format only. Punctuation, grammar, spelling and ability to follow instructions are taken into consideration when evaluating your statement. The Admissions Committee gives considerable weight to the personal statement. Proofread it carefully. Your statement can be a determining factor in your admission to SC&I.

Your essay should be about one page, or no more than 500 words.

If there is something about your academic record you feel the admissions committee should know more about in order to evaluate your application, you can address the issue in one final paragraph in your personal statement.

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