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Sakai Hoitsu

Write a short 3 or 4 paragraph essay about the artworks for this discussion board.
What is the subject of the painting? Look at the design elements and see how they are used to create the final effect? Be sure to discuss how the design principles of Balance, Rhythm, Pattern, Movement, Contrast, Emphasis are used in these pieces. If you don’t see one of these elements, point this out too.
Then, look at how the artist uses the other design concepts such as LINE, SHAPE, LIGHT, SPACE, MASS, VOLUME, TEXTURE and COLOR.
How do all of these areas work together to produce its effect? Do you like this piece?
The Japanese tradition of painting developed separately from European. Using the Elements of Art, what differences do you notice about Japanese tradition as compared with European paintings?
Do you like how the artist presented the subject matter? Would this be presented differently if it had been painted by a European artist such as Raphael’s “Marriage of the Virgin”? How do they differ in style?

“Paulownias and Chrysanthemums” by Sakai Hoitsu from the Cleveland Art Museum

If that doesn’t work try

In case you don’t quite see it, the “tan” background color is really gold leaf. So try to imagine, this painting with gold in the background.
Don’t forget to scroll down to read the information about the painting that the museum provides. The museum provides a little additional information about the artist. Click on “Description” to read more about this painting.

More background information about Sakai Hoitsu


This is a short clip about a show of Sakai Hoitsu’s work.


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