Assignment ..Write a complaint letter

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Write a complaint
letter addressing the following fact pattern as though this happened to you:

The letter should be no more than 3/4ths of
a page and utilize the buffers and skills explained in class.


You have
been a user of Jiffy Soap products for the past five years and you have never
had any problems with them. Recently, you see a commercial for Jiffy Soap’s
“Brighten” formula. The commercial states that the new Brighten facial cleanser
has a hypoallergenic formula that removes blackheads and gives your skin a
revitalized look.

Knowing that
you have an important job interview in a few days, you go to the store and buy
a bottle of the Brighten cleanser for $5.00. The night before your job
interview, you opened the sealed package of Brighten and followed the
directions: apply to skin and rinse with cold water. You go to bed early to
awaken refreshed for your interview.

following morning, the morning of the interview, you rise from bed and notice that
your face is itching, so you go to the bathroom mirror and see that your face
is red and swollen. Not wanting to make a bad impression at your interview, you
reschedule it for the following week and seek a dermatologist to diagnose your
condition. After inspecting your face, he determines that Brighten caused your
face to break out into a rash. The doctor prescribes you a cream for $50.00 and
bills you $100.00 for the visit.


You are to
write a letter to Cletus Jones, president of Jiffy Soap to seek compensation
for your troubles.

His address

1234 Clean

Miami, FL

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