case study the wall street journal redesigning for today s platforms 1

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In < 700 words, write a response essay that addresses the following questions/issues:

● How has the Wall Street Journal been a technology pioneer among its peers? Name and describe 2-3 ways in which the WSJ has been an innovator.

● What are some challenges faced by the Wall Street Journal? In other words, why don’t the issues that come up in this case lend themselves to simple, straightforward solutions?

● As a reader of online news, what are your thoughts about some of the features and limitations mentioned in the case? Is the Wall Street Journal generally getting it right, or should they take another approach? If you are not a reader of online news, that’s fine — you can talk about your general opinions regarding the issues raised here in the case.

No citations are needed, either. Most of your time and energy should be devoted to the third section. I am looking to see case write-ups that demonstrate effort and originality

and kindly check the attachment below.

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