discussion expressions scenario

In this discussion, you will create your own scenario involving the applications of rational equations and expressions. We use proportions—equations that equate two ratios—in many scenarios. For example, if a cup of your favorite ice cream contains 15 grams of fat and you eat the entire container (1.5 cups), how many grams of fat will you consume?

Another example could be filling a tank: An old water pump can fill a tank in five hours, while a new pump can fill the tank in three hours. How long will it take to fill the tank if both pumps are working?

For your initial post, come up with a problem of your own. Provide the relevant information so that a classmate may provide you with a solution.

In your first follow-up post, please provide a solution for a scenario posted by a classmate, and be sure to ask questions and offer suggestions.

In your second follow-up post, create a graphical representation of the data provided.

I have attached the rubric for this discussion. also 2 follow up posts to respond to all be posted below.


Billy can clean his bedroom in 5 hours. His sister Suzy can clean her room in 3 hours. How long would it take to clean both rooms if working together? Solve for P (how long it would take)

Follow-Up Post 2:

Two birds of the same species fly in the same direction at the same time. Both birds fly at similar velocities but Bird A travels for 2 hours more than Bird B. Bird A travels a final distance of 15 km while Bird B travels 12 km. Using this information, how fast were the two birds traveling? Provide your answer in meters per second

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