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For this activity, you will assume the role of a human resources manager for an airline or airport. As the human resources manager, you are responsible for recruiting and hiring a qualified workforce. For this assignment, you will prepare a briefing identifying and supporting the necessary qualifications, certifications, and attributes of one of the following aviation positions:

  • pilot
  • maintenance technician
  • avionics
  • dispatcher
  • air traffic control

Your presentation must include a minimum of five slides but no more than eight, not including the title slide or reference slide. It must have embedded audio and include speaker notes.

Keep in mind that as a minimum your presentation must:

  • Identify the job description for the position.
  • Explain the criteria needed for the position.
  • Explain the privileges of certification in this position.
  • Defend the importance of minimum qualification and certification standards for the position.
  • Include a reference slide.

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